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Howard Page, TeamLogicIT

"I had tried a few different marketing approaches and feel LinkedIn was where I wanted to put my time and money. I got started with three approaches: 1. Appointment Setting - Sapper Consulting 2. Google AdWords 3. Cold Calling via Sales Double I switched from Sales Double t o the Lead Market which used LinkedIn to develop connections and then switched to an e-mail campaign to drive appointments."
CEO, Bytes

"I was depending heavily on referrals and local network meetings for leads. That was a slow process and this year I had to gain few new clients quickly. Hence decided to use an automated process to increase good and qualified leads. After talking to few existing clients of Thrive I was convinced to try out Thrive's process."
 Ken Sturgis, a serial entrepreneur 

“I Love the ROI the method offers.  Combined with the guarantee, the return is immense. We can pay for a year long LinkedAutomation™ campaign with just one closed deal. Enormous ROI.”
Stephanie Brasaria, CEO

Estimated an ROI of 400%….  “LinkedIn campaign has been so successful in building trust with our network on LinkedIn. These clients will continue to work with us for 3-4 years.”
Michael Blandon, Founder & CEO

Signed 29 New Clients in 4 months…“a game changer for our business”
Gene Conley, CEO

“The team has mastered creative ways to tap into the LinkedIn platform. The quality of leads and 
conversions has been strong”

Dennis Sands, CEO FirstCall Consulting

"We went through a number of marketing firms. Non performed well. Was leery of all marketing efforts by anyone."
Bob Segal, Serial Entrepreneur

“The methodology. I firmly believe it will work and should result in a good ROI"
John Mamon, MPowered IT

"I like the approach and the content in general. Love working with Tracey (A LOT!) and her flexibility and willingness to talk through ideas. That adds a lot of value for me."
Lee Blackstone, Serial Entrepreneur

“Gets the message to the target audience. Strong Ability to test multiple market messages fast."

Method Schematics

Leads & Opportunities Captured

LinkedAuthority Campaign Project Management Illustrations

Watch to See How this SaaS Firm Achieves 16850% ROI in 9 Months:

Watch to see Results:

500 opportunities & 3274 new niche targets in 12 months.

Received 228 opportunities & 701 ideal prospects in 6 months.

Growth from $100k  to 1M in 12 months.

25% more growth 4 weeks.

980 nurtured and converted targets in less than six months. 

80 business opportunities in 6 months.

Client Results
  • Transformation in 4 Months
  •  125 Opportunities
  •  5 Target Markets Simultaneously
  • ​1800 New Target Audience Acquisition
  • "the team is very knowledgeable about LinkedIn, the process and tools...very honest and open and very responsive to calls...transparent of the possible outcomes and very organized"
  • ​Transformation in 6 months
  • ​701 ideal niche prospects nurtured & converted
  • 228 opportunities for business
  • ​“The team was very accessible with quick response time.  Every email was responded to within an hour. Access to the all activities and results, weekly calls, project manager assigned. Quality advice shared with regard to strategy and tactics”

  •  500 Opportunities in 12 Months
  • ​Thought Leadership Content & Messaging
  • ​2100 New Target Audience Acquisition
  • ​Results in less than 7 months
  • ​980 nurtured niche prospects 
  • 80 opportunities for Business 
  • “They are knowledgeable, professional, great to work with - and they get results.”
Our Method Diagrams
Common Questions

Why Does Thought Leadership Matter & How Does it Deliver Leads?

The selling process & landscape has changed.  70% of decision-makers decide if an organization can actually deliver based on their thought leadership .  75% said it leads directly to signing on the dotted line faster.  You can close more deals at greater velocity.

How's this different from traditional lead generation of cold calling?

There's a huge difference. The output of this method is a Thought Leadership platform that brings in leads via fully nurtured and developed relationships with professionals that you want to do business with. These aren't generic leads or massive list of names. 

How is our Agency Different from others?  

There is lots of ‘lead gen’ noise (aka B.S.) out there; it’s hard to differentiate truth from shallow promises to 10X your business. You should be SUSPICIOUS of all the offers, but very few (if any) are...

* LinkedIn certified consultants. 
* None have a proven method to attack this lead gen issue the right way. 
* None specialize in the technology industry. 
* None focus just on the executive. 
* None talk about Thought Leadership. 
* None approach this the modern social selling way. 
* None guarantee results.

Can't my sales & marketing team do this?

No. Thought Leadership is from the business leader.  This is a full time dedication to building your leadership platform and nurturing relationships the social selling way.  

What are the use cases of our service?
There are several:  1) Lead Generation 2) Business Development 3) Pre-launch 4) Between marketing & sales 5) Partner Growth 6) Pre-Sales 7) New Product/Service 8) Post Sales
Are there incentives of signing up?

Yes. While I'm not a big believer in hurry, hurry, hurry, I'm going to take it away, we only take 3-5 new clients per month. So, if you want to affect your future now, then then take some time and get on her calendar and get in the queue.

What we are Not: 

We do not offer 'automation'. We are not bots or VAs. We are not a cold calling service. We are not a pay per lead service. We do not trade time for money. While we offer up a process and method that has been tested, we are not promising this will be easy. 

And who manages my account? 

You're going to have two people, a primary lead and a project manager.

How do we prove our ROI?

You have 100% visibility into everything we're doing. We keep a tracking sheet of all the leads that we're getting, all the projects, all the content, everything. We manage this just like a project and our clients have visibility 24/7.

Do we have a guarantee?

Yes, our method is backed up by our guarantee.

What happens if I wait? 
If you know that there is a gap between your current state and your future state of nurturing relationships, lead generation, and you know that there's a solution that works and guarantees results, would that not be an absolute no brainer? Why in the world would you wait? The cost then becomes the business opportunities not taken

The Thrive Agency is a unique marketing agency focused on the technology industry. 

We alleviate your pains and frustrations that are unique to tech industry and that are found woven in the intricacies of effective lead generation strategies.

While our competitors tout success, The Thrive Agency guarantees it. We can prove measurable results and a ROI.

We are laser focused on Technology Leaders. The technology industry is unique and has an additional layer of difficulty in finding a consistent flow of clients.  

The truth is because you have to have a SYSTEM in place to leverage YOUR Thought Leadership to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

We solve the problem by building a Thought Leadership system that predictably produces results for you. We EMPOWER YOU with the tools to impact the ENTIRE sales funnel, closing deals faster, so that opportunity comes to you the Social Selling Way. 

We help you grow your business, crushing your competition.

The Thrive Agency has a specific Method, LinkedAuthority, a proven approach with solid ROI.

Tracey Fudge
Founder & CEO, Thrive Ad Agency
Creator, LinkedAuthority Method

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